“Dedicated to providing gentle, compassionate care for companion animals”



The Wellness Center in Maple Grove is what every veterinary clinic and grooming salon should strive to be. Their commitment to fear-free care and low stress handling has made a huge impact on my dogs quality of life and my own experience going to the vet and the groomer, in a remarkably short time. Every single staff member has been knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly wonderful with my very anxious dog Oslund. We’ve taken full advantage of coming in for “Happy Visits”- that help him to feel more relaxed in the space and during our visits, the staff has been exceptionally helpful, allowing us to sniff around an unused exam room and hang out in the lobby.

I’m extremely impressed with the quality of care, of the veterinary clinic. Breckyn and Dr. Moyer were wonderful with Oslund. It was apparent that they had a vast amount of experience and knowledge as well as a gentle, relaxed and confident way of using low-stress handling with Oslund that put both him and I at ease. I am happy to say that we had our first completely positive experience at the vet at the Wellness Center.

Abby, the grooming manager, is without-a-doubt the absolute best groomer in the state. Her experience and passion for grooming are apparent as well as her knowledge of animal behavior and low stress handling- which all contribute to the high level of care that she provides to the dogs and cats that are lucky enough to be groomed by her.  I was so happy to work with her and the lead trainer Jenny to make Oslunds experience at the groomer much more positive for him. I will be bringing Oslund to Abby for the rest of his life, as well as every other dog that I own, for as long as she is grooming.

I would highly recommend the Wellness Center in Maple Grove for veterinary care, grooming and training. I would also recommend calling them and talking to them about why using low-stress handling and fear-free care will benefit your pet at the vet and groomer.

Thank you!

-Megan Janning, CPDT-KA

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