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Please join us Saturday June 15, 2013 for a Pet Event held at Flash Portraits in Maple Grove.  Drop in between 10:00am - 4:00pm to listen to our guest speakers, "Ask the Vet," and to sign up for prizes.  See full schedule below.  Flash Portraits is also offering special pricing on their pet portrait photography!  Contact suem@animalwellnessmg.com or call 763-420-7958 for more information.

AWC Pet Event

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Large breed dogs are often afflicted with abnormal development of the hips.  This is a problem we commonly refer to as Hip Dysplasia.  This abnormal development occurs during a dog’s growth phase.  The hips are a ball and socket type joint, with the femur (thigh bone) making up the ball portion and the pelvis making up the socket portion.  When a dog has hip dysplasia the socket is flattened and the ball is not held together tightly, thus slipping occurs.  The joint is then unstable.  This instability leads to arthritis when the body attempts to stabilize the joint.  Radiographs (x-rays) are the best way to diagnose hip dysplasia.

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