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female Yellow Lab

Favorite Activities:

Hailey's favorite thing to do is carry around her best friend Bear! She also loves to "pet" people and spoon! Most often you can find her observing everyone as most people that know Hailey come to realize she is not a typical lab, she is extremely wise and mellow! She loves to act like she's going swimming and make Taylor (her sister) go get the ball, then take it from her as if she had retrieved it! She loves to roll around in the grass and play tug of war with anyone that is willing! She loves to tease "her" pet rabbit Lily and then nuzzle her once the game is over! Her funniest moments are when she gets her random burst of excitement and runs around greeting everyone and every toy!

What My Pet Means to Me:

Hailey is my life saver and I strongly believe she came into my life for a reason. She is the meaning of life to me. When I'm too rushed to slow down and enjoy the simple things, she makes me stop and realize what I should really be focusing on. She understands me better then most humans and I am truly grateful to have her in my life. She means everything to me!