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male Shih Tzu

Favorite Activities:

Going on walks, sniffing EVERYTHING on walks, going to PetSmart, choosing his own rawhide(and being picky about it), snoozing on someone's lap, playing with his babies(we call his squeaky toys babies), sleeping on a yoga mat, putting all of his babies and rawhides on the yoga mat, sunning himself on the deck, playing with his babies, running with the neighbor's dog, enjoys eating steak,chicken,ribs, pork-chops, and all the usaul fresh cuts, choosing which walking path to take, ruling the house and everyone in it, and our little Sargie also enjoys it when people appreciate his cuteness.

What My Pet Means to Me:

Sargeant is the world to us. Without him we wouldn't know where to walk or who to share our left-overs with. Sargie is very good at everything he does, including giving us all unconditional love.