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Favorite Activities:

Honey is as sweet as her name implies (unless you're a rabbit or a stuffed animal) she loves to run ( of course) and chase her younger housemate around.We adopted her as a senior at almost 8 years of age.. She ran in 91 races, and had 2 liters of puppies; She had a full life before coming to live with us. Her "dad" (sire) is our other hounds' "grandpa" # grand-sire.. they're related!!!#. Honey is the ultimate cuddle-bug.. She curls up , takes a deep sigh and off dream-land she goes..Our goal is to give her a retirement of leisure and fun!

What My Pet Means to Me:

My pets are my family.. they are funny, loyal, and there is nothing like the unconditional love a dog or dogs give their human "parents" From "Roo-ing" when we get home, to bringing us their "stuffies, they make our lives more complete.