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male Rhodesian Ridgeback

Favorite Activities:

The Lion Hunter He once growled at a lion statue - does that count? There's a shortage of real lions in Maple Grove, but Soren is more than happy to run with any dog...who can keep up with him. The Aficionado Soren is a gourmand. He spends about 95.6% of each day thinking about food - when he'll get his next meal (4am too early for breakfast - no way!) and squeezing in (or absconding) various snacks. Watermelon is a particular favorite. The Maharajah In his down time, he appreciates the benefits of a good nap, especially when he's curled up on one of several thrones (or, uh, cushions), covered entirely with a soft blanket, beside the fireplace.

What My Pet Means to Me:

Soren is happiest when he's by our side - more like leaning into us, warming our feet. Loyal to the nth degree, he gives us 250% of himself everyday - so easy to love and always, always good for a laugh.