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male Persian

Favorite Activities:

I love climbing "cat trees". I have one at home, but really enjoyed the ones at the cat retreat in the resort and spa. They are heaven!! I love to sit and sleep on the highest point, at times. I love and enjoy eating cat treats and if I could I would have them every hour, on the hour. But I have to watch my waist line and am limited to only a few a day "soo sad". I love to cuddle up next to my mom on the bed and sleep all night. I sometimes push her off the bed!!!! I don't mean too, but she is so soft and cuddly that when I stretch, I push her, LOL. Finally, I love to tease my sister, Princess. Unfortunately, she doesn't always enjoy it as much as I do and she swats at me sometimes, but we have fun chasing each other and jumping over things. My favorite toy is the laser light!! I love to chase that little red dot!! Don't know why, but its sooo addicting!

What My Pet Means to Me:

Alexander is so mild mannered and easy going! I have never had a pet like him! He loves to be around people and interact with them. My little niece carries him around like a doll and he doesn't mind it. He rarely hides and loves to be in the middle of family gatherings. He loves to cuddle with me and lays next to me all the time or sits next to me in the recliner when I am there. He loves people!! He has been a wonderful blessing to me and you could say like a child. In fact my mom always says that when my nieces come over, they are going to be seeing their cousins. So he is an important part of my family!!! We love him very much!