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female Domestic Shorthair

Favorite Activities:

She enjoys finding the few "sun-spots" in the house and lounging all day till night falls. Shes our wild child then! She also loves to help us type and has to stop us from reading or looking at anything until we pay attention to her first. When we ask "are those the bad doggies 'coyotes'?" She jumps into our oval window and growls while searching her yard. She is the alpha female of our house and has even had a golden retriever pinned on its back for coming in her yard! She's our princess and we could never ask for a sweeter girl!

What My Pet Means to Me:

When we found Midera as a stray. She was pregnant in our barn in early March and we just had to take her in. She was really small with a fat belly which made her legs look an inch long. We thought she was the ugliest cat ever when we took her in. We helped deliver her kittens and she began to feel right at home. A month later our other cat had kittens and was a terrible mother. Midera was right there trying to nurse them and take care of them. She has a heart of gold and I don't know what I would do without her. She knows just how to put a smile on my face on even my worst days!