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female Black/White Domestic Medium Hair

Favorite Activities:

Favorite Activities: Henri (short for Henri-etta) spends a lot of time grooming her lovely soft black and white coat. She is a girl after all. She spends most of the day observing the wildlife in our yard from her vantage point by the patio door or out in the screen porch on nice days. She walks low when pretending to hunt a bird who might land in the bird feeder on the deck. She also loves to hide in grocery bags or any box of any size she can find, even if she doesn't fit. But her favorite thing is when I read her stories about other black and white kitties. (see picture below)

What My Pet Means to Me:

My grown children encouraged me to adopt a kitty because they were so happy with theirs, and after my husband passed away I finally relented and went "shopping" with them at the Golden Valley Humane Society. After several weeks and scanning their website I discovered Henri and she immediately became mine. She is such a good kitty and I love her so much that I wish I'd gotten her sooner. She hops up on my bed every night and is such good company. If I don't go up to bed when SHE decides it's time, she will stare at me and chirp until I relent. I cannot imagine life without her.