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Petunia Rose

female Ferret

Favorite Activities:

Petunia loves to play hide and seek with me...she can really get into small spaces. She also loves having play dates with my friend's 3 ferrets. She likes to get into fights with the toilet brush when I am not looking (she doesn't like the baths that follow that). She also loves to eat her foamy fries and take her vitamins thinking that they are yummy treats.

What My Pet Means to Me:

Petunia Rose is an amazing little being; she has over come so much in her short life. Petunia has extremely bad hip dysplasia, which was discovered just before I got her. She was going to be put to sleep because of it; she tugged at my heart strings so I took her home. Petunia has never let her disability slow her down. She amazes me with her tenacity and perseverance. I love her so much and she is extremely sweet for everything she has gone through. I have never met a ferret quite like her and I don't think there will ever be another like her.