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Daunte & Culpepper

male Pug

Favorite Activities:

Daunte and Culpepper LOVE to EAT!!! They also love to show off all of their tricks, to earn a treat or two. When they aren't eating they enjoy running, going for walks, sleeping, going to the Animal Wellness Center (they love it there), PetCo, PetSmart, playing with their best friends - Ike and Zena, looking out the window, and my favorite, cuddling.

What My Pet Means to Me:

Daunte and Culpy mean the world to us! They are loved by SO many and bring such joy to everyone they know. They are the best companions and snugglers we could ask for!!! Even though they are small, in comparison to other dogs, they have large personalities that we just adore! We love those little puggies to pieces!