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female Boxer

Favorite Activities:

My name is Neeka and I am 1-1/2 years old. I am the baby of the family and all that comes with being the baby - and I'm a show dog (though I am still struggling to hold my ears up#. I live with other 2 other "big dogs" #that's how my mom refers to them) Mulan and Zar. I love to chase and follow the "big dogs" around and learn what I can from them. I like to try and play keep-away with them with our stuffed toys, though they usually win. I used to love to find things lying around the hosue and take them out to the kennel #we have a dog door so that makes coming and going very easy#. It was always funny to hear the humans say "check the kennel" whenever something went missing! However, recently I learned that the truly cool things to play with are on the kitchen counters! So I've learned how to knock the stuff off onto the floor - of course, once I do the "big dogs" usally get it and take it and eat it - but it is still fun. I also like to play by myself - I can throw things in the air and then chase them when they land. But what I think I like best is when mom comes home from work and loves on me and then I settle down with the "big dogs" and sleep cuddled up - safe and warm and protected.

What My Pet Means to Me:

My pets mean everything to me. There is nothing better than coming home from a long, boring day and receiving a warm welcome home. They are my clowns, my counselors and my caregivers. Neeka is the sweetest - she is definitely the baby of the family!