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Muppet, Sadie, Ashley

female Terrier, Maltese, DSH

Favorite Activities:

Muppet is elderly, 16 1/2 years. She mostly likes to sleep on her bed. But she's a contented girl. Sadie is our alpha and runs the roost. She doesn't know she's only 5 lbs! Ashley probably thinks she is a dog. But one that can get places the other dogs can't, like jump up on things. She's very affectionate at home but is "catzilla" when she goes to the vet.

What My Pet Means to Me:

Our "girls" are our babies. We love to spend time with them and interact with them. There is no feeling on earth, like the one you get, upon coming home, and having all those loving faces waiting there, at the door, to excitedly greet you.