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Cats of the Month: Zander and Pumpkin

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Some of you may remember Zander, the cat that was a stray brought to us with a total urinary blockage. Dr. Elliott stayed late into the night to get Zander unblocked and on the road to recovery. He stayed with us for almost a month, running the clinic and supervising the doctors. He stole all of our hearts and we are so happy to see him happily in his new home, 1 year later with wonderful owners who make sure to keep us updated on this wonderful boy.

We are so blessed that the Animal Wellness Center decided to operate on Zander and take him in to recuperate. We had just lost our sweet girl Marina after having her for nearly 18 years and were broken hearted. Just a couple of weeks later we saw the post about Zander and how he needed a home that would be able to make sure he had the appropriate medical care and feed him prescription cat food. When we saw him and realized it was the same food that Pumpkin had to get, we knew he was meant for us. We met him and brought him home and it was a battle from the first day, but we knew we would not give up on them getting along. Now the two of them tag team mom and dad waking us up to feed them, sometimes share a chair together and actually miss each other after time apart.

Pumpkin was also a rescue kitty. Nathan and I were recently married and visiting my parents in northern Wisconsin when their neighbor called. The neighbor went on to say that this little cat had followed their dog home from out in the woods. They are allergic to cats (so are we) so we said we would come get him. He was only about 4-5 weeks old and super dirty. He slept the entire night between my ear and shoulder, purring. He grew up with his "cousin", my sister's English toy spaniel, on 2 occasions getting concussions from "rough-housing". Neither one of us would have ever thought we were cat people, but these two boys are full of personality and love. Thank you for taking such great care of them.

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