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Dog of the Month: Mali

by in Canine
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Hi everyone!  Mali here.  I’m a 6-year old fawn boxer that Mommy says is going to live forever, because she and Daddy can’t imagine a life without me.  I am so honored to have been chosen as a featured puppy of the month! 

Mommy says I have the best life.  I go to work every day with her and Dad.  We own a company that provides transportation to the elderly and disabled humans who live all over the Twin Cities.  There are even puppies who ride our buses to help some of the humans who have disabilities!  I do more “office work” than those puppies, though.  In fact, my official title is “Chief Stress Reliever,” and my bio is finally on our company website!  I make sure that the whole office staff is greeted every morning, and my keen intuition tells me when someone needs a “Mali snuggle” during a stressful day. I go to the bank with Daddy every day, too.  I know when he says “bank,” that nap time is over, and he needs my help!  Sometimes I lie out in the middle of the hallway – belly up – and just wait until one of Mommy and Daddy’s employees comes by with a belly rub.  I need some stress relief sometimes, too!

Outside of my professional career, I love long walks, lying in the sun, helping Mommy in the kitchen as her “taste-tester” and travelling with Mommy and Daddy.  The best trip we’ve taken was to Big Sky, Montana this summer!  We hiked in the real mountains, I got to play in the mountain streams and we even saw a bear in our backyard!  I couldn’t stop crying at it!  I also love being as close to my pack as possible at all times – sleeping in Mommy’s legs at night and napping ON Daddy on the weekends.  I think my proudest moment was when I walked down the aisle as Mommy’s Maid of Honor.  I was so excited, that I barked just once in the middle of the ceremony, because I just couldn’t contain my excitement about us all getting married! Oh, and I’m a foodie just like Mom and Dad.  My favorites are pumpkin, sweet potatoes, filet mignon, fresh salmon and sushi.  Daddy says I have champagne taste on a kibble budget.

Needless to say, I lucked out when Mommy and Daddy came to see me and my brothers and sisters at my birth mom’s house.  When they walked in, I knew two suckers when I saw them.  I walked away from my pack as they romped around together, and headed straight over to my future furever Mommy.  I just sat down and looked up at her with the sweetest face I could make (trying to minimize my cone head as much as possible).  She immediately picked me up and I knew I had a “fish on!”  I sealed the deal when she gave me to my future Daddy. I looked up at him, gave him one lick right on his nose and snuggled right into his chest.  At that moment, these two were toast…and the rest is history. 

My Mommy, Daddy and I owe a lot to our friends at the AWC.  Besides going to “school” when I was just a puppy (Jenny taught me everything I know in puppy kindergarten and obedience class!) and taking agility one summer with Daddy, I had a pretty rough start.  When I was little, I had food allergies, ear infections and skin infections.  Then came my environmental allergies and a few minor injuries.  Then the tough stuff started with my first mast cell tumor.  My Mommy was very upset and cried a lot, but that Dr. Ambrose, with her compassion, confidence and hugs got us all through it!  We went through two more mast cell tumors and three more surgeries all in the course of a year. We constantly felt the love from everyone from Alyssa and Janet at the front desk to Katie’s behind the scenes snuggles, kisses and boxer love!  Dr. Moyer played a part in getting me back to my silly self, too! Mommy says my scars give me street cred! 

Without Dr. Ambrose, Katie and company, I wouldn’t be the healthy boxer that I am today…thank you, AWC!  WE LOVE YOU!

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