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Dogs of the Month: Nessie, Johnny and Wyatt

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Meet our family!   Retired racing greyhounds:
  • Nessie - 11 years old, black and white, she had been in a couple of previous homes
  • Johnny - 10 years old, fawn (tan), we've had him since he was 2
  • Wyatt - 5 years old, black, also had him since he was 2
We have had 12 greyhounds over the past 19 years, including several foster dogs that we ended up adopting.  Our Greys have come through Greyhound Pets of America - MN, a local group that takes in retired racing Greys, fosters them, and finds permanent homes for them.  We don't foster any more, and usually have 3-4 permanent dogs at a time.  When we're ready to adopt again, we let the group know what sort of personality we're looking for, and they find a match.  To check out a new greyhound, we take a couple of our current dogs to the adoption appointment and see if they all get along.  With retired racers it only takes an hour or so to see how they connect since they're so used to being around other racing Greys all their lives.  Of course, we have to like them, too!

Wyatt's favorite toy is a knotted rope, which we lovingly call "dental floss".  It's the only toy he likes to chew.  He loves anything that squeaks! Johnny loves to lie in Greg's lap on the sofa in the evening, get petting and then fall asleep. Nessie has her own private sofa in the den that she loves to stretch out on for sleeping. She and Wyatt are best friends and lie close to each other where the sun hits the floor.

We knew Johnny wanted to be part of the family, when during his adoption appointment Greg took him outside for a bathroom break and Johnny peed on Greg's leg. Nessie loves to sneak a kitchen towel off the oven handle and stash it with her toys. Wyatt has taken to thoroughly licking Liz's hands and sometimes her face several times a day, especially when she's not well.  He is sensitive to her moods, and is a real comfort.

We started going to AWC in 1998, back when we had collies, a cat, and our first Greys.  We take our dogs regularly for their nail trims, plus they receive full and excellent care for regular exams, vaccinations, and the occasional illness or injury  The staff know us well and many of them lavish attention on the dogs (thanks, folks!).  We know most of the staff, including veterinary, boarding and grooming.  Wyatt sums it up best by getting super-excited to see everyone there - humans and pets - and enjoys making new friends every visit.  Other clients and their pets that come in while we're there are friendly and we enjoy our mutual time there.  We regularly recommend AWC to other people - the clinic is an unusually good, knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate, and clean, with a full range of services.

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