“Dedicated to providing gentle, compassionate care for companion animals”

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Feline Focus

Felines are Fabulous

Cats are unique and fascinating creatures. They are intelligent, mysterious, beautiful, graceful and loyal. Cats warm our homes and our hearts. They deserve dignity, love and a keen appreciation of all that is essentially feline.

Feline Mission Statement

AWC is committed to the physical and psychological wellbeing of all cats. We understand their need for gentle handling, compassionate care and a quiet environment designed to minimize their stress.

We recognize each cat is unique and deserving of dignity, excellence in care and a medical staff that is devoted to creating an environment of healing.

We will continually seek knowledge to improve the health and happiness of our patients.

AWC is Feline Friendly

The doctors and staff of AWC know cats. We really “get” cats and all the things that make them special and unique. Cats are highly intelligent and highly sensitive creatures. They require a special touch and a calm environment. They need extra time to adjust to changes in their environment. And cats need owners like you, who are informed, compassionate and want to provide the best physical and psychological health for their feline companions.

AWC was designed with these special needs in mind:

  • Exam rooms devoted to cats and located in quiet areas
  • Window shades to reduce anxiety from visual stimulation
  • Feliway diffusers provide a continuous source of calming pheromones in cat rooms
  • Feliway spray is applied to the clothing of staff members
  • Special soft and warm exam table covers or cradle liners
  • Examination equipment appropriately sized for cats
  • Condominium suites for every cat in our beautiful feline only boarding resort
  • Cats Only hospital ward located in a quiet area with soft music
  • Ward and ICU beds are arranged so that cats do not have to face each other
  • Heated ICU beds
  • Special double fleece beds, which allow cats to burrow inside and hide
  • Surgical and anesthetic equipment designed for small patients
  • Compassionate staff that loves cats and is devoted to their well-being

AWC is devoted to honor, preserve and protect the bond between cats and the people who love them.

Cats are #1

Cats are officially the most popular pet in the United States. There are 80 million pet cats in this country, outnumbering dogs by 10 million. For too long, the emphasis on healthcare, medical research, social status and even advertising has been on dogs, while cats were treated like second-class citizens. It is high time cats received the respect and recognition that have long been their due. Cats and cat lovers rejoice…your time is now!

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” ~ Sigmund Freud