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female DSH

Favorite Activities:

Taz loved to eat more than anything else in this whole world. She would hear something that resembled the sound of the food cup and she would come running. She also would paw food off of peoples' plates, a bad habit we let her get away because it was so cute. Taz also loved to sit in the windows an chirp at the birds and even the neighbor's dog. Taz would find the best place in the house to sleep, in any sliver of sunshine that happened to find its way though the windows. Her least favorite thing was being picked on by her brother, Dusty and her 'boyfriend', Legolas...she knew if she 'yelled' loud enough one of her people would save her.

Favorite Memories:

We will miss Taz Marie very much, she blessed our lives for a fruitful 16 years and are saddened by the sudden loss of her. Tazzy was the runt of her litter and was also the only orange and white kitten. When we brought her home we found that she would fit under the doors in our house, it was always a sight to see a small kitten head peeking under your door at you. She was very special to Brent and bonded almost immediately with him, she was scared of most men but never of Brent. Princess Taz Marie, you left little petite paw prints on our hearts that will never be replaced. We love you so much and we're looking forward to being with you once again at the Rainbow Bridge.