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female Yellow Lab

Favorite Activities:

Duck, Pheasant and Grouse hunting. Also, swimming and playing catch with tennis balls.

Favorite Memories:

Abbey was such a charactor with her outgoing personality and facial expressions. She dealt with severe arthritis for years yet kept an upbeat and happy personality throughout. Abbey defined all the positive things written about dogs with her loyality, unconditional love and faithfulness. There are way too many wonderful memories I have of Abbey to name just one however I feel that the best memories are the daily experiences of coming home from work to be greeted with such love and excitement by her. She let me know every minute of her life how much I meant to her with her constant desire to please and be near me. Abbey had her share of health issues over the years but she was perfect to me in every way. I miss her beyond words yet feel very blessed to have had her in my life for 12 plus years.