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male Plott Hound Mix

Favorite Activities:

Chasing squirrels was one of Rangers favorite activities. He acted so stealth when going for them but deep down I think he was afraid of what would happen if he actually caught one. Ranger was originally a Vegas dog so nothing makes us happier then knowing he had the opportunity to live in MN, see squirrels, deer, go for boat rides, and just enjoy being outside. It just seems so unfair to lose such a great dog. I have no doubt that Ranger was my lifetime dog.

Favorite Memories:

Ranger loved his purple Kong football more than anything else. It was his treat when we had to leave him home alone – that with a carrot & peanut butter stuck inside it. As soon as we arrived home he’d grab the football, great us, tail wagging, and then go to town licking the football. The pleasure he got from that football could be heard throughout the house. The emptiness Ranger’s presence has left is felt everyday when we arrive home and he’s not there with that darn football.