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male French Brittany Spaniel

Favorite Activities:

Ranger just loved to be wherever we were...He was most happiest being by our side whether cuddled up in front a fire, taking rides in the car, running and digging holes on sandy beaches, pouncing on new fallen snow or just laying in the sunny spots in our house.

Favorite Memories:

There are so many memories of Ranger and all are my favorite. My first memory of Ranger was when I visiting a kennel looking to get a dog. All of Ranger litter mates were running feverishly around the yard but only Ranger came to greet me and stayed by my side the entire time I was there. When I looked down at his collar it said "Male Brittany Spaniel; Birthdate: May 23, 1997". I knew he was meant for me since my birthday is May 23. He was such a compassionate dog with the biggest heart and loving soul. He captured the hearts of anyone who met him. We love you Ranger and miss you terribly. Rest in peace our forever dog...