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male basset mix

Favorite Activities:

Eating and walking, in that order. Rueben would love to snuggle and would train you to scratch behind his ears just so. Rueben LOVED his off-leash dog parks and following his nose to explore. He loved going through the drive-through at Caribou Coffee to get a treat.

Favorite Memories:

Rueben's first trip to the off-leash dog park near Minnehaha Falls. I had just adopted him and he was a bit bulky from his time with the foster family. After getting down to the river, he was really tired. Rueben found a hole that another dog had dug out in the sand next to the river. With great ceremony, he backed up his rear into the hole and sat down with great pride and satisfaction. The look of joy and achievement on his face inspired a lot of laughter. He got his needed rest and got to survey the river's edge in complete comfort.