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Alternative Health Methods - Pet Massage

While it is not intended to be a substitute for traditional veterinary care, pet massage can help specific health problems in dogs, and also improve their general health and fitness. It can have a positive influence on both the physical and psychological well being of dogs of all ages and conditions. Pet massage sessions generally take 20-30 minutes (less if your pet isn’t receptive). The initial massage is usually shorter and relaxing to gain the animal’s trust. Massage should be done on a regular basis to maintain the benefits.

Benefits of Pet Massage:
• Relieves stress, is soothing and comforting
• Increases circulation and stimulates muscles
• Restores range of motion and flexibility
• Increases bone density
• Comforts tired muscles and relieves pain
• Affects behavior issues
• Energizes a dog’s mind
• Helps older dogs cope with stiffness & discomfort
• Supports dogs in times of crisis such as injury, surgery & grieving
• Increases acceptance of touch — especially good for puppies
• Speeds healing process

Our Pet Massage Specialists at AWC will answer your specific questions and give you more information about the positive effects massage could potentially have on your pet.