“Dedicated to providing gentle, compassionate care for companion animals”

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Comprehensive Compassionate Care

Our comprehensive services focus on providing gentle and compassionate care for companion animals. At AWC, every aspect of your pet’s healthcare is handled in a positive, nurturing manner that satisfies all of their physical and emotional needs.

We offer:

• TLC and a personal touch that exemplifies the caring we give to our own pets

• Vaccination protocols tailored to your pet’s needs and lifestyle

• Year-round parasite prevention

• Weight management, diet foods and treats

• Annual and pre-surgical blood testing to screen for problems before symptoms appear

• Microchip identification placement

• Advanced ultrasonic dental cleaning

• Dental radiography

• Periodontal care and oral surgery

• Products to aid with home dental care

• Behavior therapy through monthly puppy parties to help socialize puppies and allow for informal discussions with our veterinarians and technicians to prevent hidden problems

• Consultations to correct behaviors that threaten the bond between pets and their owners

• Behavior modification medication

• Pet training and socialization