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Did you know that a well-groomed pet is a healthier pet? We all know that grooming brings out the beauty of our cats and dogs, but there are health benefits, too. The groomers and the veterinary staff of VCA Animal Wellness Center know that good grooming is an important component of preventative healthcare.

Preventative healthcare 

Regular grooming, every 6-8 weeks, gives our grooming staff many opportunities to observe your pet’s skin and hair coat from nose to tail. They are trained to watch for signs of irritation, infection, hair loss and other abnormalities. Any concerns can then be referred to one of our veterinarians for evaluation. Early intervention is a key to maintaining good health. 

Benefits of grooming 

In addition to detecting medical issues, grooming is healthy for your pet’s skin and coat. Regular grooming—for both cats and dogs—prevents mats, a buildup of tangled hair. Mats are harmful and painful for pets. Mats cause poor circulation and can lead to hot spots, restriction of movement, and other serious health concerns. The key to avoiding mats: regular grooming and an at-home brushing routine. Brushing your pet stimulates blood circulation to promote skin health and reduce shedding. 

Pampering from nose to tail 

Your pet will receive the ultimate pampering during the grooming session. From baths using the highest quality products to brushing and haircuts, your pet’s comfort is the priority for the groomers. In addition, groomers will: 

• Clean ears and trim ear hair which helps reduce ear infections. 

• Trim nails to keep nails at healthy length which minimizes accidental nail breakage. 

• Shave paw pads to keep dirt and debris out of paws. 

• Brush coat to stimulate blood circulation to promote skin health and reduce shedding. 

• Trim coat to eliminate any mats and make at-home maintenance easy. 

• Check eyes, feet, foot pads, and skin. 

Feeling great 

Grooming helps your pet feel great. Pets are energized and happy after their grooming. Mats are painful. Long nails make walking difficult and can distort the joints of the feet leading to lameness. Long hair around the eyes predisposes many breeds to corneal damage and eye infections. 

Being beautiful never felt so good! 

Comfort is our priority 

Every pet is special and every pet has unique needs. At VCA Animal Wellness Center our goal is to make sure your pet has a pleasurable and relaxed grooming experience. We take special care of fearful, sensitive and senior pets. Our staff is highly trained in gentle handling and helping our guests feel calm and safe. You should always feel welcome to share your pets needs with us. The more we know the better we can make the visit. 

Fearful pets 

VCA Animal Wellness Center specializes in working with pets that are fearful of grooming. Our groomers and trainers will work with your pet to help make grooming a positive experience. 

Start puppies early 

If you have a puppy that will require grooming, the trainers and groomers at VCA Animal Wellness Center recommend that you bring your puppy into visit the groomers. By bringing puppies to the groomers for short visits that are positive and happy, it will make grooming a positive lifetime experience for your pet. For more information, or to set up a grooming visit for your puppy, call us. 

Grooming for our senior friends 

If your pet is older or has health issues, we make sure your pet is comfortable during the grooming experience. If your pet is uncomfortable on the grooming table, we will groom your pet on the floor. We also give older pets or pets who 

have medical issues many breaks, provide extra comfort, use veterinary technicians to help support the pet, and always give plenty of praise and love. Just let us know if your pet needs special accommodations. 

Grooming for our feline friends 

Yes, cats may be groomed and can even learn to enjoy the grooming process. We have many guests that are kitties and we pamper our felines in special ways. If your cat is older and can’t groom themselves, or if your long-haired cat needs some mats untangled, we can help. Grooming is just as important for our feline friends and we really know how to cater to our feline guests.